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3c. Uluvalt C (ML 25) (NM 5468 2996)

An obvious single block standing stone 1.9m. x 0.8m. x 0.6m.    It has been thought to be a waymarker for medieval pilgrims travelling to Iona (RCAHMS and Ruggles 1984) and therefore not prehistoric.   However  inspection showed otherwise.

1. Uluvalt C, View to West, Possible stones


3. Two fallen + standing Stone - Resized

2. View to East + buried middle slab - Resized















The site is in fact a three stone row with two of the stones fallen.  It is orientated approximately E/W

There are no suitable foresight features to the West.  To the East we have:-

4. Indicated direction - Resized




5. Foresight region - Resized











Measurements showed alignments for the equinoxes; Epochs 0 and 8.


6. Epoch 0 - Resized

7. Epoch 8 - Resized

(Grid lines omitted for clarity)

In both of the above the sun would be hidden behind the ridge at the proposed equinox declination.   The sun would be visible above the ridge a day later for Epoch 0 and a day earlier for Epoch 8 as shown below.  However this would negate one of the important megalithic calendar features that would appear to be correct. Namely that the same foresight/backsight would serve for two Epochs, the evidence coming from Thom's histogram  reproduced in the Introduction.

This idea is further explored in the Discussion.


8. Epoch 0, one day later - Resized9. Epoch 8, One day earlier - Resized