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Nether Largie

#20 NETHER LARGIEThom A2/8, Ruggles AR13 (TEMPLE WOOD): NR 8282 9760

This site was fully investigated by Thom as recorded in detail in Megalithic Lunar Observatories p44-51 (Thom 1971).

The general plan is:-

It is situated a mile south of Kilmartin in an approx mile wide valley.  The horizons are at present generally obscured by trees except to the west and north west.  I.e. in the direction of the main alignment.

Note the cupmarks on the central stone, S1

The 'notch' is formed by two intersecting hillsides at about 2km. distance.   The LH slope is nearer by about 200m.  It consists of a short steep slope with compacted ground on which some bracken grows from about May onwards.  The RH slope is open moorland with course grass + bracken.  However growth on the RH slope would have minimal effect on any alignment, the declination being determined mainly by the LH slope. (At 2km., 1m. growth on the LH slope would correspond to a change of about 0'.4 in declination).

Declination found.

Thom gives 28° 56'.5 which is the theoretical value for  ε + Î¹ - s +Δ, (i.e. the furthest north that the lower limb would ever reach).  In the present investigation the average of 4 independent measurements over three years was 28° 56'.2 with a spread of 1'.1

Thom also gives an alignment for a limb with no 'wobble' ( i.e. for  Îµ + Î¹ + s ) from S5, S4 (See discussion later for several possible explanations for 'no wobble alignments', other than the assumed.).

Thom gives additional possible alignments to the south, but trees prevent direct measurement.

(Thom gives more information on this site in the reference given above.)


  • The 3rd quarter moon in September would be setting in daylight.  Observations might be possible but would presumably be difficult.
  • Nether Largie, Ford and Torbhlaran each give alignments for the lower limb of the extreme north position of the moon.  For the possible use/implication of this see Discussion