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Upper Fernoch

#33 Upper Fernoch  Thom - , Ruggles: AR 38 NR7280 8614

A slender stone 2.5m x 0.4m x 0.2m situated in a prominent position on uneven ground on top of a low ridge.  It leans at about 20° to the East and is oriented about 208°±  2°.  It is about 320m SSW of Barnashaig but the two stones are not intervisible.  There is rough, undulating ground between with low ridges paralleling the line of the peninsular.

Measurements showed that there is no alignment. The region of setting southern moon was examined for hidden rock outcrops.  None was found.  Experience shows that this slender stone is not typical of the stones used to mark lunar backsites.   As Thom observed, lunar stones tend to be much more substantial.   They give every appearance of importance.

As stated before it is believed that the Upper Fernoch stone serves as an indicator for the 'hidden' (i.e. out of sight) cup marked stone which lies some 300m beyond the hilltop indicated.