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2d. Tenga (ML13) (NM 5040 4632)

2. Tenga Plan - Resized


An unimpressive site on moorland consisting of 5 stones (one fallen), the two tallest being about 1.5m. (The numbering is as used by the RCAHMS (The Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments, Scotland)).

There are four alignments, three solar and one lunar. (The lunar alignment B to C is discussed in the lunar alignments section).

One solar alignment is from the stone A (+  fallen) to the other ‘large’ stone. All of the other three alignments are from a small to larger stone






1. Tenga View - Resized


1a Tenga View + Alignments - Resized


The three solar alignments follow:-

3. Tenga B to A - Resized

4. Tenga B to A, alignment - Resized







5. Tenga A (+ fallen) to C - Resized6. Tenga A (+fallen) to C, alignment - Resized












Tenga, D to C (Equinox)

7. Tenga D to C - Resized8. Tenga D to C, alignment Epoch 0 - Resized










9. Tenga D to C, alignment Epoch 8 - Resized






This is rather low. Given the large range at the equinoxes it seemed worth seeing what it would be one day earlier



10. Tenga D to C, Epoch 8 day before - Resized

The declinations determined by Thom were what he found was the best fit.  There is always going to be some doubts about the best values and hence about the number of days on each Epoch. This will average out at a little under 23 days, but there are likely to be more than one suitable answer. If however we accept this as a possibility, the day earlier would put Epoch 1 well above the horizon.

On the other hand and as discussed later under Uluvalt C,  it is quite possible that the day was taken when the sun was NOT above the horizon at the foresight.  If that is so then the  original diagram above is in fact correct.