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Lunar Alignments on Islay: 2) Port Ellen


Port Ellen  IS46   (Map ref. 3715 4559)

1. Foresight regionA fine stone, 4.5 x 0.9 x 0.5 m.  It is situated in a field a few hundred metres East of Port Ellen. In the opposite direction there is a nearby grass covered rocky outcrop preventing any possibility of an alignment in that direction.


4.  View to SSE - Copy









There is a clear foresight in the indicated direction for the lower limb of the setting moon at the extreme north during the Major Standstill

2. Foresight + Moon








3. Alignment

The alignment here is for the first quarter moon at the spring equinox. Note that the moon is at its extreme northerly declination; it could never have been further north. By choosing to arrange the position of the backsight so that the lower limb is used it ensures that the moon is clearly seen as it sets.