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Solar Alignments - Cnoc Ard IS49 (Map ref. 3264 4600)


2c. IS49 Stone - Resized


A somewhat remote and rather unimpressive stone which seems to be common for solar alignment stones.  A rough pointed stone with one flat face; 1.3 x 1.2 x 0.9 m.







1c. IS49 General view - Resized

The only significant foresight feature is about 5° to the right of the indicated direction.








5. Alignment

Here we find a common situation for solar alignments;-  namely that the sun movement is parallel to a ridge and is not seen.

  • Here for epoch2, where the sun daily movement is North, the upper limb has yet to appear above the ridge. When it does, the  day required is the day earlier.
  • Conversely for epoch 6, where the sun daily movement is South, the day required is the first one when it is not seen.