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#16 FORD Thom A2/22, Ruggles AR8: NM 8668 0333

A single standing stone, 3.0m.x 0.5m.x0.4m., though there are old reports of others in the area. The LH side is the flattest side at eye height and is oriented NE/SW. (Ranging Pole). The view to the SW yielded a null result (see later).The skyline to the NE was investigated, and in particular the small rocky peak marked. (2.85 km.). The skyline either side of the peak is discussed.













Measurements over several visits were in close agreement, and gave:-

The alignment is for the lower limb when the moon was at its furthest north.  The moon would have been clearly visible before the time of observation.


  • 1st quarter moon would be rising in daylight.  Observations might have been possible. See discussion later
  • Ford, Nether Largie and Torbhlaran are each for the lower limb of the extreme north position of the moon. (i.e. +ε + Î¹ - s + Δ ). For the possible use/ implication of this see  Analysis/Discussion of results

The foresight seems to be unambiguous:-

The opposite direction to the SW was checked with null result:-