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#14 SALACHARYThom A2/26;  Ruggles: AR6 NM 8405 0403

Three stones which appear to have formed a short row of about 4m length lying about N/S and of height about 2.5m.   However only the northernmost one is at present standing.  Access is up an old track heading south from the main road.  The stones are situated on a sloping terrace such that the only direction in which any significant horizon features are visible is between about 170° and 205° at a distance of about 1.3km. (Views to the north are discounted - no meaningful alignment possible.).  Thom visited the site as recorded in MRBB and SRSS and gives a sketch.He apparently made no measurements, but mentions a 'notch' to the south at about 178°

Thom's notch yields nothing.  The moon's approximate path is shown.  The region towards the right was investigated.

As shown there is a clear alignment for -(ε + Î¹ - s - Î”) as the moon's upper limb twinkled down the rocky ridge between about 201°.5 and 203°.  There is also a possible alignment for -(ε + Î¹ + s + Δ)  (i.e. the southern extreme) at 198°.


The single stone remaining standing is of no particular shape. However the upper portion of the RHS is generally flat and closely aligned on the rocky ridge.

For an alignment the stones do not at first sight seem to be placed in a likely position. There is a general slope down from right to left, and as can be seen in the above pictures the nearby ground towards the SSW at about 100m rises so that the horizon in the relevant direction is nearly obscured.  Extrapolation would not be easy.

It is suggested that the slightly awkward location was dictated by a desire to find a single position for two alignments.  I.e the place where the two loci intersected.