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3a. Lag (ML 6) (NM 3626 5331)


A square section standing stone about 1.6m high and a similar sized fallen stone nearby.  In all directions except to the SE there is nearby skyline or skyline devoid of features that appear suitable for foresights.


1. Lag general - Resized

2. View from side














The fallen stone is too close to the standing stone to give a potentially reliable  indicated direction, although the fact is that there is only one general direction, as given above, that could contain a foresight.  However examination revealed a nearby unusual three stone symmetrical arrangement, the middle stone being pointed:-

3. Possible alignment - Resized

4. Possible alignment  cont. - Resized




















A clear alignment for Epochs 10 and 14 were found in the indicated direction.

5. Alignment Epoch 10 - Resized

6. Alignment Epoch 14 - Resized