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Argyll sites


The 34 sites are considered as follows:-

a) Lunar sites

b) Other sites with (some) clear horizon but no indicated direction. (But non-lunar)

c) Sites where no meaningful measurements could be make:- stones fallen, buildings obstructing horizons, trees nearby of on horizons etc.

Each of these groups is considered in outline below.    Thereafter only:-

1b Argyll + sites

a) lunar sites in this thread.

The full list of sites is available 1. Full list of Sites

(14 sites gave an indicated direction. Of these 13 lunar (+1 possible), 6 with no indicated direction and non-lunar, 14 could not be assessed )

a) Lunar Sites

These are discussed fully below. Some appear to be associated as pairs and so are discussed as such



b) Non Lunar Sites Discussed in a separate entry

c) Sites that could not be assessed See end of list linked above