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2a. Ardalanish (ML33) (NM 3784 1888)


1. Ardalanish + stones - Resized


 Two slabs about 11m. apart, one fallen. Aligned approximately E/W.  There is no alignment to the East.













2. Ardalanish alignment - Resized


The sun at Epoch 1 would have set into the dip (saddle) as shown.  On the same day the following year the sun would set a little further north. When it moved out of the dip the day identified would be the day earlier - when the sun set at the LHS of the dip. The cycle would be four years.

The same arguments would apply to the sun at Epoch 7 when the sun would be moving south.  The situation would be the reverse of the above at a slightly lower declination.     When it set south of the dip, the day earlier would be identified.