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#1  Onich: NN 025 613

(Re possible chance (unindicated) alignments)
(This is a lunar site, the stone indicating the region of the hill feature to the SSW. Fully written up earlier.)

There are mountains/ hill round much of the horizon.  The following photographs are of the whole usable horizon.  There are details + discussion of a chance alignment for the moon at the southern Minor Standstill.

The Minor Standstill would be awkward to observe since the moon is not in a unique position.  In the south, the least difficult minor standstill moon to observe would be the minimum declination. i.e. for Δ to the north as here, and as found at both #12 Sluggan and #18 Glennan.

(References  Thom & Thom 1980, p S78 ; A.S.Thom 1981,  p 17 )