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Onich and Achara

#1 Onich    (Clach-a Charra): MR NN 025 613

An uneven slab about 2m.x 1.2m.x 0.3m. that appears flat when viewed in line. Situated in a field near the shore about 0.6 km west of Onich Hotel.






  • There is a noticeable step in the cliff at the alignment point.
  • The moon would have been visible before the alignment point was reached
  • During the period of the 'Standstill' (about a year) the southern extreme declination of the  upper limb of the moon would be slowly varying between  about -28° 38’.6 and -28° 56’.6   i.e. over the two Î” (18') range.  This alignment is for the less easily observed position as it is not a unique one.   What the Thom's called  'unfavourable'.  I.e  from the viewpoint of ease of observation. (See Heggie 1982, pp 62 - 66).   See under:-  Discussion, Analysis of results, Maximum South Standstill where a diagram should make this clear.

#2 Achara  Thom M7/1,  Ruggles LN1   NM 9866 5455
A large, impressive, nearly rectangular standing stone approx. 3.7m x 1.1m x 0.6m.       The alignment is approximately NE, but the sides are not quite parallel.      So:-

The view to the SW shows a rugged ridge about 5 km. distant, descending to the N. Measurements showed a null result with regard to both sun and moon




The ridge to the NE was then examined.  (See 2. View past LHS of stone). The cone bump indicated in 2. (immediately left of the stone) Az.43°.300, h 5°.328 gives Lunar decl. 29° 8’.4  (theoretical 29° 9’.5).  i.e. for ε + ι + s -Δ

However on moving some 125m to the right of the alignment direction a further feature was observed.   Namely a steep rocky bluff.    Observations were made from this point (arranged so that the midpoint of the base line was at right angles to the direction of the rocky bluff).   Measurements both to the bluff and the cone bump (as a check) and other points were made, and all reduced back to the position of the stone with the following result:-

The foresight 'cone bump' alignment at 43°.3 is clear.    There is also an apparent alignment for the lower limb with no 'wobble'. This, and two other similar cases at #18 Glennan and #20 Nether Largie are discussed later. (Apparent alignments for no 'wobble'). Three possible alternative explanations to the apparent one are proposed.

As mentioned above this apparent alignment for no 'wobble' is discussed later.

These two sites #1 Onich and #2 Achara have been examined as a pair because:-

  • They are near to each other and
  • they are for opposite wobble. i.e. Onich for + Δ and the Achara for - Î”
  • (It also so happens, perhaps for convenience, that they use the same foresight, the bluff, is used from opposite directions)