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Tayvallich 3 Stone Group

Three Stone Group South of Tayvallich

On the moorland south of Tayvallich there are 3 stones which investigation suggests are related. These are:-

#32 Barnashaig
#33 Upper Fernoch
#34 'Cup Marked Stone' or 'Lower Fernoch '

It will be seen from the OS map that the three stones are almost exactly in line. It is suggested that this is not chance, rather the evidence indicates that:-

  • Barnashaig has an alignment to the NE for the rising moon at the Major Standstill
  • Upper Fernoch some 300m SSW of Barnashaig has no alignment.  It is an indicator for the hidden southernmost stone.
  • 'Cup marked stone'.  On inspection this gave the appearance of being a fallen standing stone. The only direction in which there is a suitable horizon for an alignment is to the SSW. An alignment for the southern moon at the Major Standstill was found here.  The evidence is presented.  Proposed name:- 'Lower'Fernoch'

Each of these sites is considered in turn with a final summing up at the end.