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Scanistle, Islay

Scanistle, Islay  (NR 4108 6724)  (See Introduction for a map)

There is an isolated blocky stone 1.2m. x 1.0m. x 0.4m. leaning about 20º to the south east. The nearly flat sides are oriented NE/SW.  There are no possible alignment features to the south west. To the north east are the Paps of Jura.

2. Foresight region, Resized1. General view of stone








The Paps of Jura give two alignments

3. Alignment

The rising sun at the summer solstice clears the hill slope which is parallel to its path. The lower limb would be at this slope about seven days before/after the solstice.

This is a case where the sun has completely cleared the feature and so in principle either limb could be used. Using the lower limb would mean that the day of the solstice is determined sooner. Perhaps this arrangement was accepted in order to achieve the second alignment for epochs 3 & 5 which is discussed later.