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The following Topics are discussed:-

1) Apparent alignments for Lunar Limb without Δ at a Standstill

It has been mentioned several times that the above alignments do occur, despite the fact that it does not seem to be possible to measure them - at least not directly.  It is noted that when they do occur it is almost always when an alignment for the 'wobble' occurs from the same observing position.

Thom had a possible explanation.  An alternative explanation is discussed.

2)       Analysis of Results

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Alignments (Table)
  • Declination values found (Table)
  • Consistency of Theodolite measurements (Table)
  • Alignments found at Major Standstill with ±Î”
  • Pictorial depiction of lunar phases/ standstill

3)      Discussion of Results

  • Key results
  • Discussion of two groups of sites
  • Lunar Parallax
  • Extrapolation

4)      Conclusions

5)        References