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As stated in the Introduction,

Measurements were made at:-

  1. Random Site 1   (possible chance alignment)**   and Note below
  2. Random Site 2
  3. Onich **
  4. Achara
  5. Ford **
  6. Torbhlaran
  7. Carnasserie **
  8. 4 non-lunar sites; Craigantairbh **, Taynuilt, Upper Fernoch, Barcaldine Castle Farm

(**= return visit to check possible alignment(s); Bold Italics = Chance alignment found)


In all a total of some 1500 degrees of random hilly horizon was assessed for chance alignments.  This included 30 lunar bands.  Three chance alignments were found.   This gives a benchmark with which to compare the results of the precise alignments found from the stones.

  • From the 16 stones which gave an indicated direction, 14 precise lunar alignments for ±Î” were found **, one probable for the equinox and one probable indicator (to a hidden stone).
  • From random sites three precise chance alignments were found in 30 lunar bands .

Note  One of the accepted sites is a lunar alignment for the Minor Standstill at about 65º azimuth.  See website and the comments.  Although technically correct it would be  the doubly difficult to observe (Minor Standstill and unfavourable ‘wobble’)  For the present purposes it is accepted.

See further discussion of each site.



The results of the investigation:-

  • The 1500 degrees of random horizon contained 30 lunar bands
  • Three chance lunar alignments were found
  • Therefore from this investigation the chance of a random lunar band yielding a precise lunar alignment is about 1 in 10 


       Chance precise lunar alignments do occur but they are not common