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Presentation for SEAC 2012 Slovenia

A copy of the paper, New Evidence for Precise Lunar Alignments in Argyll, Scotland in  the Early Bronze Age, as presented at the 2012 SEAC  Slovenia conference can be downloaded by clicking the above link.

The paper linked to above was presented at the recent SEAC conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2012  Home page of SEAC is available at  archeoastronomy.org    The papers' single aim was to summarise in a straightforward manner the evidence that in the Argyll region planned precise lunar alignments were set up in the Early Bronze Age ( Circa 1700 BC).  It starts with an introduction which may be found useful as a primer.

(Instructions if needed:-  After downloading the presentation go to 'Slide Show' and then 'From the Beginning'.  It is recommended that the 'talk' pages which follow are printed out.  This is what was said to accompany the presentation and indicates by 'click'  each step in the slideshow.)

The Talk to accompany Slide Show can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking the link.